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Home Print (11x14)

Home Print (11x14)


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There is no place like home.

Home is elusive. I find I can chase it, but that’s often when it most escapes my grasp. That’s because home is more about the people that make a place wonderful than the place itself.

The more that I move around and travel, the more I appreciate those committed to the concept of home; those devoted to family, to hospitality, to love, and most importantly: to really good laughs late, late at night, and lots of music played on old family pianos.

This piece is a little memory of someone else’s home that has seen a lot of visitors and family alike, and a good friend of mine at the keys. I hope it brings life to your space, and remembrance of who and what is truly important.

The 11x14 design is printed on the most excellent 100% recycled paper you can find (and it’s printed locally, too).

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